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Paradise salt scrub

A luxurious spa body scrub. The powerful mix of citrus oils nourish and repair the skin, leaving it looking youthful, smooth and glowing. Perfect to prepare your skin before a holiday.

Swedish massage 

For stress, anxiety or just for relaxation, massage stimulates the circulation and lymphatic drainage and helps to loosen tight muscles.

30 minutes                                    £27.00

60 minutes                                    £38.00

Hotstone massage

Soothing aromatherapy oils and warm basalt stones are used to relax your muscles allowing for a deeper more intense massage. Helps to create harmony and a positive energy flow.

40 minutes                                          £35.00

60 minutes                                          £45.00


Lava shells

Massage with a tropical kick, using naturally self heating tiger clam shells from the south pacific.

30 minutes                                        £34.00

60 minutes                                        £47.00

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